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Jeresneyka (Jeh-Reh-Snay-Kah) Rose, known as Rizzo, is a self-taught visual artist who originates from Brooklyn, New York. The first-generation American currently resides in Colorado. She always had a natural knack for art, but never explored her talents. Throughout her flourishing adulthood, she rediscovered her love for art and began painting in May 2014. Amongst the plethora of inspiration in this world, she primarily draws inspiration from her Panamanian heritage, sexuality, pop-culture, and environmental influences. Her mediums of choice is acrylic paint and digital art. She has been featured in and hosted a plethora of events and exhibitions. She thrives off of allowing her creativity to be incorporated within community. Her main objective as an artist is to obtain a position where she can grow as an artist, support the community, and promote multiculturalism, diversity, equality, and respect. She enjoys sharing her gift, growth, and progression in her art.