I'll be 25 years old in 29 days. My life isn't what I imagined it would be. For whatever reason, the ideal 25 year old in America should have a career, family, and house with a white picket fence... You know, "The American Dream." The older and wiser I get, the more I realize that the "The American Dream" is bullshit. You should never let your family, friends, society's norms, the media or history dictate your path. We, myself included, should stop trying to live the American Dream and live out OUR dreams. I've had it all & I've had nothing. Here I am. Still standing. That is what is important. Money can't buy happiness. Money can buy things that make you happy sometimes, but what about the times it doesn't?

Life is about the journey...the thrill...the experience. Rather than trying to live up to society's standards, let's just live. Let's love. Let's grow. Let's help each other. Let's support each other. Let's laugh. Let's do what we love. Let's love what we do. Every day we wake up is a blessing. Life is too short to do something you hate. Don't settle... EVER! God would never give you something that you can't bear. I know life isn't easy, but it is a blessing. Don't let it go to waste.


"You will die. The question is, "Are you going to live first?" -- Judge Lynn Toler